Die eigenen Geister jagen...

When the night closes in around you, and you feel the yell of hell´s hounds behind you, the worst of all your fears racing with you, within an inch of sanity borders the own failure. Ultimate and utter failure.

How then do we chase these demons? Modern psychology refers to fighting your inner demons, meeting them in a battle of the own ego, like destroying and rebuilding oneself. But as one meets these demons, he may cower, cower because the demon he meets is himself.
In modern culture, popular history one may say, we have countless references to these characters, dozens of men and women unable to cope with their inner demons, and in the course of the events destroying that, which they love most.
Yet, the belief in the all-empowering approach of "fighting" your inner ego, your super-ego, as Freud would have said, is available throughout the intellectual society.

Maybe this is not a conclusion, but the end of a chapter, a chapter of things to come, of history to write, of actions to take. Nevertheless, it is a break of continuity, and as such it will stand.

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