So, downloaded the Victoria II demo, just to get my arse kicked by the AI. Priceless in a paradox game. Of course, I just had to think about how and when to start modding efforts, but as always, it should start with the small things. Like flags, leader images etc. And while much of the application itself runs much better than previous incarnations did, I am sort of bumped, because my computer once again shows me up. In fact, it seems as if either the hardware or the software just wishes to go against me on this. And it sucks big time. But that s whining on a higher level, really and as such mostly pointless in truth, as on its very basis it still is very playable and works great.

Due to the constantly growing amount of DLC, I also just had to reinstall Dragon Age: Origins. I can´t really remember wether or not the game actually was as good as I´d think it, but I do remember the fact that some of the things in there were in fact quite good and as such another origin story might be nice, instead of the elf with no voice. Though the romancing for a dwarf is kind of....mehhh...though more like non-existing. Will have to use some mods to fix that, should I really need my romance-fix. And I know I do. Aww curse me. I also found out that high quality texture pack was available from the modders and that is very good as well, as it improves something very bad from the xBox-original.

Which brings me to part 3. I ´ve been downloading some mods for Deus Ex, you know, new renderer, new textures, that kind of stuff. Might improve a classic and make me replay it for the n-th time. Can´t count how often I´ve argued with Gunther about his Augmentations or shot Agent Navarre or left Paul to die...

While kind of bizzare world this is, where a game from 2000 still manages after 10 years to be yet better than every kind of game released as a first-person-shooter-rpg. Strange, really.

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