Between a Roc and a hard place

So, I believe to be fully awake now, yet I can almost feel the mind slipping back into sleepy-mode. Not good. Last night first DnD-round in half a year, same old people but new adventure and characters. And boy, what a bizzare event night it was, 6h straight and we got many an evil laugh out. And to not, that the lawful good character is the one with the yet to be done evil thoughts and ideas, which would ideally knock him right onwards on the path of Chaotic Evil, but no, everyone fears the consequence. Could not yet introduce by campaign-changing horror-scenario with the Tall Man, stolen from I-know-who, but then again, maybe for the betterment of all. After all, I don´t have to use everything I like in the game. Good thing, this week someone else DMs our Shadowrun-group, so I can relax, sit back and play. Woohoo. Well, not that great, thinking of who I have to play it with, mostly because of style, but then again, it is nice and relaxing, in the end I feel sympathy towards these people and would even dare to call some of them friends. 

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