The human condition

Both Immanuel Kant and Ayn Rand did get some things right. Unfortunately not in the greater sense, but that is something I will get to one of these days. Not today though, today I only need to leave some steam here. 

You know, it´s interesting, as the saying goes that we need to vent some, or go vent some steam...as anger obviously produces steam in us? 

However, ....I just lost my point....damn you portal 2! Catchy end-song, does get better with every listening. though. So, what about humans? 

Well, frankly, I can never really understand, why no one seems to be able to discern themselves from their own situation. The mountain is only visible from afar. So, then why are so many unable to view a situation from a detached viewpoint? 

Is a single perspective the only view we truly have and everyone believing otherwise is a stark raving lunatic? Or are most of my contemporaries just blind to some facts, that are quite clear for others. 

Perhaps I should have called it the humane condition. But no. Does not go with what I am going to say...what a strange difference one single vowel can make.

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