I got nothing. I am sitting here, lamenting, as I have wont to do these past few days, counting down the time. Hmm, perhaps a few news? In a german city by the name of Rollshausen, the SEK has assaulted the wrong property during the last night, making for one of the bigger failures of german police forces. The election race between the american candidates is in its last stage and I have found "Elemental:Fallen Enchantress", the quasi-remake of "Elementar:War Of Magic" a quite nice little game, despite its immediate mechanical shortcomings, but more on that one later. 

"A Game of Dwarves" has proven itself to be quite the dumbed down version of "Dwarf Fortress", while "Mark of the Ninja" has ended on a very bitter but quite classy ending. The Unreal Engine Horror Game "Dream of the Blood Moon" has proven to be...well..in a sad state and not really that good at all, but then, I find Slenderman a very pointless thing indeed. And meanwhile "Hotline Miami" has crashlanded into quite the nice little corner, providing a very unique, if extremely gory experience.

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