Old Habits Die Hard

Seldomly I see a game story more masterfuly told than the one told in the Legacy of Kain-games. Soul Reaver 2 especially turns almost shakespearian in its writing. The events between Raziel, Kain, Mobius, Ariel, Janus Audron...so many time I have seen the scenes and yet I still find it to be one of the few great stories gaming has written, yet so few will ever encounter it. 

Sad, really. I wonder, will we ever see a remake of those great games towards a new engine and encompassing all games so we might someday see the story play out in one piece, will all acts playing out. Each playing its part. But I doubt that. After all, there is not profit to be found in great stories if these modern days are to be believed. So sad, so sad.

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