August Movies

These past few days I took the time to watch a few, nothing too exciting, just a few things I really had wanted to see and which were helpful in taking my mind of other, more difficult to-approach-things.

Now You See Me

4 street magicians are bound together by an ancient cult promising them real magic if they can impress them with modern magic while being hunted by the FBI and Interpol at every step, robbing banks, corporations and a filthy rich Michael Caine. Now let me be the first to say, that yes, it is okay, but it´s not great and when you are outperformed by your supporting cast, then you have made something wrong. Now, except Woody Harrelson who seems strangely out of place in this story, the others are quite the weak link against Caine and Freeman, but this is frankly embarassing to watch. Not to mention that the plot is weak and the twist is rather telegraphed. Also, in a movie about people trying to impress with magic TRICKS, because boodyhoo magic isn´t real too bad, seeing tricks that are rather impossible without the help of sci-fi-tech is a sad revelation about the screenwriters ability to fit their tricks in a realistic path. If you have nothing else to do, you might see this. But it´s not really worth the watch, maybe on christmas when you are at your families and nothing else in on in the telly.


A buddy-cop movie with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges about playing undead cops hunting the evil souls led by a undead Kevin Bacon. The action is standard fare, the effects are lacklustre and the story is so-so. It has a few laughs but mostly Jeff Bridges plays against a wooden Ryan Reynolds. Once again the latter dissapoints, as I had so much hope for him after Buried but this is just sad. It´s ok, but don´t expect something big from it. Worth a rental, not for going to the movies.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Steve Carell is funny and the movie is interesting but far too short and rushes through the necessary steps to make his main character, a pompous 80s-magician learn the hard way, how being a good person can help you with life.

World War Z

Blech. I know the book. This movie is bad. Brad Pitt is uninspired, the zombies are lame and mostly never shown in full light not to mention far too often full CGI and the solution is so stupid it isn´t even worth it. It´s no wonder Straczyinsky disowned the screenplay they used to make this.

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