EA and Alpha Centauri

Back in the heydays of computer games, one of the few gems of the era was "Sid Meiers Alpha Centauri", which was mainly spearheaded by Brian Reynolds, but hey, anyway, it was simply put the best strategy game for a decade and can still hold up itself pretty well if compared to many modern turn-based strategy games. Unfortunately for us, EA has acquired the rights to SMAC as it is known among fan-circles, as of August 1st and the following preview has been released about the game they are going to make about it:

As the presentation begins we can see giant alien space ships bombarding Chiron, a fictional planet in the brand new EA's Alpha Centauri universe.

Player is a part of Earth Defense Force, the special ops branch of Earth Alliance Army and together with other soldiers he is tasked with protecting the planet from the alien menace at all costs.

The preview takes us through action packed sequences, with the player and other marines diving behind cover, as they blast aliens away.

All in all this looks like a yet another promising and unique third person shooter from EA - certainly worth keeping an eye on.

What The Fuck?! 
I have now lost officially all faith in humanity.

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