Game of Thrones RPG
Good story, horrible design, graphics ok but stuttering, controls awful, voice acting wooden but fun

Anno 2070
Nice look, good options but under the hub the same game as 1404, still gets very dull after some time with no competition or target ingame.

Mass Effect 3
Good story, horribly bad ending, mediocre multiplayer, controls acceptable to lower class, writing goes from depressing to fatalistic

Star Wars - The Old Republic
Acceptable Graphics, controls wowish, story depends on classes and is terribly measurable, several classes very boorish and others great stories, pvp useless and quite sad, legacy system crap in a hat

Dear Esther - New Version
Looks great and is a fascinating experience but not really a game. Would also work if it was resolved towards some kind of movie but running time would be too long for most.

Home - A Unique Horror Adventure
Great game, 8bit graphics looking good, controls acceptable, nice tension and good horror and atmosphere

Analogue - A Hate Story
Interesting twist from previous game Digital, nice to see different endings but not completely better in that regard, as replay options come from drastically personal changes rather than much different dialogue. Nice VN anyway.

Superbrothers - Sword & Sworcery
8bit adventure game, interesting soundtrack and nice looking design and very intuitive working but might have been better left on tablets. Still, interesting experience.

Diablo 3
Went from Singleplayer-ActionRPG to MMORPG. Am not happy with this. Game looks mildly interesting at best, mostly really bad since previous years. Feels unworthy of same name due to changed substance.

Currently waiting for:
Civ 5 Gods&Kings
Shadowrun Returns
Wasteland 2
Crusader Kings 2 - Sword of Islam
And some others I can´t remember quite clearly. Damn.

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