Despicable Me 2

And once again we enter the world of Supervillain GRU. A fun little tour after he retired from supervillainy, GRU now lives his life with his 3 adopted children, a psychopathic dog and his cast of mad minions, until an agent from the Anti-Villain-League comes seeking his help to find a stolen super-mutation-chemical. 

Revisiting GRU after the cahracter shave been established can sometimes deliver a fresh look on the characters as a whole. So in this film we have as a main focus the theme of love, just like in the first one, but unlike the first one this is not about the love of a parent to a child but about love in the broadest context between two people. 

His younges child wishes for a mother and GRU remembers several times his ill luck with women, while trying not to remember the attractive seeming AVL-Agent that kidnapped him before. Also the focus on the side character has changed a bit, as the minions have now seemingly been given more screentime for their antics which are indeed quite often very funny, but can also become tiring as you watch it, because they seldomly rise above their own level of wittiness. Bottom....bwahahaha. Like that. 

Still, its a fun movie to watch and has something to see and think about for both children and adults, so I can only wholeheartedly push you to go watch it.

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