...once more round the clock

Another night goes round and I´ve yet again forgotten to keep myself within a self-imposed time limit for my blog updates. And what has happened inbetween? Well, our shadowrun-adventure was a kind of BlackHawkDown meets Resident Evil, my character had to die because of a grenade to the face, actually his back, but it´s the thought that counts and I know that I need to translate the first chapter of Harlequin, otherwise I´ll face a major problem not completely 2 weeks from now. In other news, for the fantasy genre, we still kind of run trough the Dark-Eye-Campaign and I am once again reassured that we might actually finish the campaign with the coming january, latest to winters coming end in march. Of course this also means, that meanwhile I will have to do something about our Pathfinder-campaign, that is at least supposed to be up and rolling by then, preferably coming month. And already I can see the sleepless nights I will have over this. Damn.

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