Who we Are - Who we want to Be

A difficult question. Listening to Pavarotti in "I, Pagliacci", brought closer to me by a friend, I have to seriously think about those words. Why? It shall be made known to you later on. Perhaps. We shall see.

First, let us see. Human perception works by itself in different ways. We as our own image are never really formed by the way, we want others to see us. We are, as made by different hands. Molded into a shape that is our own by taking from other molds. Those around us, those, among us. As such, we are not something, that most of us can seriously image ourselves to be. Our own perception is thus muddled by the lense. However, it is this lense, that is ourselves. By the shape we have assumed, we distort our own images of ourselves. So, we see ourselves trough a distorted lense, and such is the shape we take of ourselves. However, it is this image, we present to others. Take to them and use. Walk around with, so to speak. Not to mention, that this is but one facet of our personality. We are ourselves by what we make of that image, we perceive. And change accordingly. Thus, our own image is in constant shift. So, who then are we really, is a question of perception, of momentum, but also of everything surrounding us. The constant shift is applied, well, constantly, of course, but with what in mind? It is at least these factors. I once spoke of masks, we all wear, and not unlike the old shakespearian saying, that we are but simple players on a stage, for which all the worlds our stage, we wear these masks, differing in shape, tone and stance, depending on when, with whom and how we are conversing with one another. What spurs this train of thought now, you  might have asked. As always, each and every entry is part of a constant re-imagining of our selves. Yet, if we see this platform as a mirror, we should not, and will not ever forget, that a mirror is a reflection of ourselves, yes. But alas, it is only a reflection. It reflects ourselves, not a longed for deeper truth in or around ourselves. It reflects, who we are. Not what. Still, it has his place nowadays, to easily to be dismissed. And besides, I am sure there are some great theories floating around mirrors everywhere. So, to return to our station. If every of these entries is part of a mirror-like instance, it behoves us, to show ourselves not unlike the thing mirrored itself to see this reflection. A reflection of the mold, who we are, and, in a way as a rebuttal to my own words above, also what we have become. For we have so little, yet so great an influence on this mold that many of us never realize. It seems, willpower is an important part of this. 
Thusly, when someone tells me, that they´d rather not spend time alone with me, it seems strange, but necessitates actions. Not to fall into a state of useless actionism, but if plagued by these thoughts, should we not strive to better ourselves? Or is it in the vein of not being able to please everyone? Why this reaction? I am puzzled. Deeply stricken too, for it seems to me, as if my own personality, a collection of circumstances, not to mention the mask used, is part of this. Mayhaps it is the construct as a whole. The whole viewpoint in itself might yet be deeply flawed for in it´s own way, it denies any other. What if the world were not a stage. For only on a stage, events can play out like a modern drama. Yet, it is art, that imitates life, not otherwise. Thus, we ourselves are the greater drama, in which we act?

"I once saw a broken mirror. It reminded me of the human soul."

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