And at the same time somewhere else...

So. Germany got itself a new defense secretary. A new secretary of  the interior who got pushed from local ranks of the german CSU aka. the christian dick union, and our new secretary of defense is our old secretary of the interior, a man whose greatest accomplishment is being his fathers son, trying to mooch of that guy´s popularity from the "Wende", as his father was first "democratically" elected head of state for the GDR back then. While he....wiggled his thumb or something. It seems the son is still only as good as the party will let him be. Or he himself is the limit. As secretary of the interior he proudly carried on the CDU-tradition inherent to any conservative dickhead, that is of trying to limit civil rights, punish the citizen more harshly and greater freedom for police brutality. Granted, that is a bit of an overstatement. Still, he will be just as useless in his new position as he was in his old one.

And in the meantime? Apple´s new wonder machine was unveiled today. And it still does not revolutionize ....wait for it......anything! and frankly, why should it, after all, its primary job is to rake in teh crazy monnies for Steve Jobs, not create a device truly useful and evolutionizing the current way of working with computers.

At the same time, at Frankfurt airport, some idiot attacked US-soldiers. Great. Go Team Retard!

Also, we are still unable to succesfully genetically engineer future generations of humans, I am still not immortal nor able to work as a dictator for life in some small eastern european country named "Latveria" (Yeah Bitches!) and some hot chick contacted me by message to say it´s attracted to me. Can you smell the bait?

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