A Game I´d like to see

You know what kind of game I miss? Something akin to minecraft but with the real world set behind it. Only empty. Where only madness, the wild and nature are with you. Where you are alone. The scenario goes like this. Imagine our current world. Now imagine it without all the humans. From one second to the next. If you really want, you can take pointers from The Omega Man, a great Heston movie from 1971, because Smith did not deliver that great a performance in the remake for me. Not to mention the pitifulness with his family. 

Anyway, imagine a world like that, empty. Everything left. Only you are there. Suddenly, madness takes on a whole new meaning. You would be careful, start with a perfectly normal day, perhaps give the player the chance to get to create himself, choose lifepaths etc and then from one moment to the next....SILENCE. 

Eerie scenario all around and one thing I absolutely miss these days. Because everywhere I look I see either Zombies, Nazis, Soviets, Aliens or human-fictitious slasher bastards trying to make a cheap scare. But with this scenario, the true horror, the one we make for ourselve, comes to life. You could even enter into it with snippets of the previous life of occupants of houses etc, with the tv working the first few days as preprogrammed television shows are aired with no-one around to continue...making the sound coming from the windows but no one there to see. 

And it would be possible, I tell ya. Take a graphics engine that uses the imaging from google maps for example and create a small country, for example...hmm...take the US, if you must, or perhaps Luxembourg, and the insides of the houses are f illed by a randomizer. Within certain databased limits of course, so you dont get a church filled with a flower power 70s tank and nazi symbolica next to it. 

And then let the player get in there and take over. His only enemy? His own bodily needs, that is food and water, a place to sleep, and in theory companionship. Heston had Caesar. Hanks had Wilson. Somewhere out there the player hears wildlife, perhaps a wild bear, or even possibly re-introduced wolves. A few possums, a squirrel here or there, a stray dog running trought the street. And of course the weather. Of course, this should be a singleplayer experience, even if you add multiplayer layers to it to allow two people to stroll trough and do their thing. This is the other part. Why it has to be so like a toolbox. You need to give the player the tools to destroy or create most things. And suddenly....SUCCESS. And perhaps the greatest simulator ever known to mankind.

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