So, a new XCOM is out. I haven´t played it yet. And most likely I wont. This has confused a number of people in my circles, as I have repeatedly made it clear, that the basic idea, the game is presented in just the way that I should like it. However, I have since taken some time to think and have come to the conclusion, that it simply is not worth the nostalgia flash. 

Not everything about the original game was great and while the new game might be, the interest simply isn´t there. Admittedly, I have not been one of those fighting for a remake, but then again, nowadays I have a feeling, that the constant remaking of past games seems to destroy many of the things that made these games great originally. And while I am mostly sure, that the new XCOM has hit all the right points in that regards, it has not stoked my desire to revisit those days of frustrating myself over losing another team of agents to the alien threat. Oh well.

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