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The entrenched Past - Everything Was Better Yesterday

Back then, the economy was without problems. We had a common enemy. You knew the world back then. Your were still in love. Your live was uncomplicated as a single. You earned more money The money was worth more. You did not have to decide between 20 different products without discernable differences for one purpose. You could still repair your car back then. Your parents were still together. Your parent was happy raising you alone. You were still in your youth. Still in your 30s. Still able to travel abroad. Able to get it up and on. Morals were still valued. People acted with thinking. Children were not as unruly as they are nowadays...

The list can be continued endlessly. Not to mention, that with some few alterations we can create just about any saying. And we have heard them all. Endlessly, to tell the truth. And it never changes. In fact, the same kind of saying can be found in every age and time. And why? The answer is easy and difficult, but we need to approach this from the side. We live our lives constantly moving forward. Therefore, there is everything to be left behind. And so we do. We leave behind that, which we find unnecessary. Knowledge without use, faces without contacts, names without context. While partly a function of the human brain, that is, to deny certain memories to those unable to remember everything (though life with an eidetic memory would have some interesting connotations) because of the way we do remember. If we were to have every experience we ever had at our fingertips, our lives would change. Due to the fact, that everything at once would be available, our personality would adapt to this fact. But become self-enclosed upon itself. Furthermore, the human mind is not made to the capacity of taking everything it experiences, that is, that which was already filtered by the senses, that is experienced, and storing it. Once memories go to the subconscious level, they become something of a strain in the mental carpet that makes up our sub-conscious. They amalgamate to a mass of constantly changing information. In the process we lose something. It takes time, for things of great importance it  can be years, even decades, but still we lose them bit by bit. And with every retelling, someting changes in our minds. The story changes with its age. And so do our memories of past days. We remember that, which was good. Seldomly we keep memories of violent or gruesome nature, except those of great impact upon ourselves, these do inflict upon us the state of trauma, but that is for another day, and these memories stay with us, though their nature and even their retelling changes. That which is lost in those is what surrounds them. Piece by piece we forget. Until all that remains is, what we thought the past to be. Not, as it really was. Thus we lament, for our idealised past always foregoes a positive present and future. After all, everything was better, back then. Even your memory...

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