So, I had the chance to see some interesting, some bad, some good movies. Let´s see.

We begin with LOVE. It´s an interesting movie, basically a sci-fi flick and a cast of only a few. But it´s also a metaphysical journey trough time and man itself. What loneliness does to us and means to all mankind. While psycadelic enough to be made in the 60s, I was reminded of HAL and a few select Hitchcocks, though the latter more in tone than in view, it still goes on to carry it´s basic message. So yeah, I liked it, but I do advise you to beware, it´s not for everyone.

Next up was the SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO. A sorta b-movie real-actor adaption of an older anime from 1974. Let´s be honest here, b-movie does not cut it. Stretched beyond all belief, padded into extinction, a friend of mine said while watching it, this movie not only goes trough all pathos but also doesn´t seem able to ever break out of its cliches. I mean, I know you have a basis from which to work from and there are concession to be made to the old crowd of fanst, but even in revising this stuff, I could see plot twists and ideas from a mile ago. And very often the movie has plot holes I could get a battleship trough with. Several times. The effects are ok at best, but definitely cheaper looking than they have any right to. It´s just sad, after watching I just know, this could have been so much better. Too bad then, it wasn´t.

So, we come to COWBOYS & ALIENS. Ford, Craig and Wilde play contemporary individuals during the late 19th century. 1873, if wikipedia was to be believed, the movie only ever indicated playing after the civil war. Anyway, I only had the chance to see the extended cut and while it was by no means bad, it also was a very boring movie at times. The premise seems to look for so much more. I mean, the landscapes fascinated me more, than anything the movies plot ever delivered. But Olivia Wilde was nice to look at. Too bad that scene didn´t last any longer. Still, it´s passable. It´s not really better than YAMATO above, but it has the better cast and the greater budget to speak for it. It´d give it a passable grade, if only because it has a certain kind of campy charm to it. Sorta like a really expensive trash movie. You know, this could have been awesome if made by Troma Studios.

Next up is FRIGHT NIGHT. A remake of an older movie from, I think the 70s or at latest the early 80s, this was one helluva good movie. You can just see Colin Farrell relishing the opportunity to play a badass vampire. Not a fairy like in Twilight but one intelligent, evil, predator. Awesome, and you should definitely watch this, if only to see Dr.Who get on as a fantastic bastard actor. It´s in fact quite intelligent. And if you ask me, but then who does these days..., anyway, after seeing this movie I am convinced that Christopher Mintze-Plasse is either immortal or stopped aging somewhere at 18 or 19. Given a few centimeters for growing up, McLoving looks almost EXACTLY the same. And once again a great opportunity for fun and game.

Last in todays entry is the newest Gosling movie DRIVE. This movie has a meta-level of it´s own, but that has to come later. Ryan Gosling plays an empty man. A stunt driver and mechanic at day and criminal getaway driver at night, his life changes once a woman comes into it. Granted, this time its a woman and child, but you know the drill. The thing about this movie, for me, was the way it was shot, the story was told and the music accompanying it. Great piece, too bad Christina Hendricks didn´t have more screentime (*RAWR*) bad good all the way trough. Definietly go see this, though I fear the movie might alienate some.

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