Newer days, newer games

So, as the days pass, so do the release dates. Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 are now available and have proven themselve to be quite the games.

Borderlands 2
So, you think you know Pandora? You know nothing, foolish one. But here, let Handsome Jack teach you. In our return to one of the worse worlds of the borderlands, 4 new Vault Hunters emerge to find a new, bigger vault, hidden somewhere on Pandora. Of course they are not the only ones and so the killings begin. In the course of the game the players will encounter familiar faces, like Psychos, Midgets and Skags, but also many new ones as well, just like many old and new NPCs, even the old Part 1 player characters entering the plot at some point. The graphics, using the Unreal Engine again in a cel-shading tone have been refinded and look at times stunningly good, though the filter makes them at the same time very very cartoony. However, it suits the tone of the game, being funky and zany and should not be underestimated. So, do I say, buy it? If you liked Borderlands 1, then you should already own it. It does everything the first game does, only better, which is already a rare thing in modern gaming markets, but if you did not, then you would be better suited asking yourself, if this kind of game that borders between suicidal FPS with roleplay elements and other of the sort, is really for you.

Torchlight 2
Finally adding multiplayer capabilities, I have not yet had the pleasure of time to really get to know it. I should be able to give some words on it in a few days. Until then.

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