So, I recently saw Ted and Total Recall. Hmm. What am I supposed to tell you about that.

Total Recall

Lets face it. Without the genius of Schwarzenegger, this movie is just a generic sci-fi action-movie. The original was a movie born of the uniqueness of actor performance and its time and the new one just..well...I felt it kind of splurged on the effects a bit too hard. 

Besides, the stupidity of making it seem clear that this one is not a dream despite numerous "hints" to provide towards the other, unlike the original this one could have handled that ambiguity far better. But it seems, when stuff gets "updated" for contemporary audiences, something just fell off the line. Something the producers must have thought was to heady for modern viewers. D.C. Fontana said it best in 1995 when she said "When the studio declared the series was too hard for the audience to understand" that is shows an incredible disconnect with their audience. Someone really should tell the movie studios that the viewers are neither genius nor moron.

They are of at least average intelligence, meaning we can take it if we have to think about something a bit. But then again, we didn´t get the time for that in this movie, seeing with all the action going and going and going. And the plot about the Federation of Britain and The Colony. Wow, was that ever stupid.


Well, it´s the adventure of Mark Wahlberg and his talking little couch friend Seth McFarlane. And it´s quite funny. Despite a more than obvious plot some of those jokes really hit home here and figuratively spoken lauged my ass off.

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