Dead Space 3

One of the more interesting changes occurs when a gaming series changes gears. For the Dead Space Franchise this point came once the first game had run its course. Not completely being horror but not without it either, the first game dangerously shreded the borders of Survival Horror games with its silent protagonist and alien-like atmosphere. Then came part 2 and with the sudden thought of creating a franchise, important plot parts were rewritten and a story had to be concocted. Suddenly the genre went party action and instead of horror we went with gore and splatter. Mutant babies and rather splattery scenes like the one where the player has to adjust some sort of drill for the player characters eyes made a rather extensive splash back when it was released.

Now, with this game, the designers have taken the final step and grounded the game in the action genre. Starting with a bang in the prologue and trying to end a trilogy of events, the main plot focuses on the fight of one Isaac Clarke against the evilness that is the device of an earlier civilization that transforms humans into vile monstrosities.

Together with a weak plot of an evil church of fanatics believing their salvation having come in form of alien intervention into human existence and a corrupt government trying to utilize these alien devices in their actions, the player has to fight throught corridors in space and on an ice world in an effort to survive hordes of mutated humas and alien monstrosities as well as cheap jump scares and headaches created by a very foreseeable plot.

Ultimately though, I can accept it. It´s certainly not the game I would have liked for Dead Space 3 to be, but I cannot but accept it. It stil has its shortcomings but if you like thes kind of games and can survive the cheap shock effects, which are certainly nothing to write home about, then go and get it.

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