Midnight Musings

Progress Report

Project City of Glass is coming along good, I have made it to Chapter 8 and will finish the reading and upload during the next few days and as such will have to find either new material or leave this path.

Taktik begins to be realized in form of a plot outline and several ements already prewritten which might yet combine into a bigger chapter that finally jumpstarts the drive to write. I am a bit unsure wether to pursue this fully.

I had the opportunity to see a few movies these past days. It´s a  Disaster, Odd Thomas and Stoker, and I will deliver a review of them in the next few days. Still nothing on the Man of Steel front. I did relish watching the Plinkett Reviews however, and it is too bad that the second Star Trek only got a 7min one.

Preparations for August are continuing along the lines I have imagined it to go. We´ll have to see where this leads us. On other fronts, nothing really new can be said.

I have once again unflatteringly found the lack of finished texts on my blog to be quite the hindrance to my future works and am trying to work up the motivation to fix that, at least for some of them. 

But now... to DUSTSTORM

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