Splitting Headaches

You know, I positively hate those days, when you have a splitting headache for the sake of having a splitting headache. Sometimes I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY. Not to mention that it makes me angry and I cannot decide wether to hit something or throw my own head against something to make the fucking pain stop because I am against taking pain medication if the pain like this is not completely self-explanatory or suppressable. And yet.

To find something interesting. I have yet to find a chance to see the Great Gatsby though I should be able to resolve this nicely within the next 2 weeks, the new Star Trek was ok but a bit more action-y than I would have liked it to be, it is possible I have already talked about this, Man of Steel is still not available in my region, and Shadowrun Returns was delayed by a month. Not happy about this. Furthermore, I have made a far too long pause in my very own recording of reading Austers City of Glass on the tube and will continue towards the weekend while researching options on the job market. Also no new progress on the book thingy I was hoping to get to these past 3 months. Oh well...?

Did you know that the current german chancellor regards the Internet as a completely newfound challenge to her and therefore in a sense, us, as well? Well...no, I didn´t before either but then again, the mysticism surrounding technology has always astounded me.

Not to mention the way we can see the current proxy war in Syria develop. Nice going btw US and Russia. Really professional.

And last, I had a fucking amazing experience I wanted to talk about, but have mostly forgotten about it by now. Damn. And to think that I cannot for the life of me recall it makes me all the worse for it. So much for now, the concentration has helped push the pain into the background of my mind and I can return to reading. You will hear from me again 2 days from now. I hope.

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