Elder Scrolls V - SKYRIM

So...the newest Elder Scrolls Game is out. And as many of you mighthave guessed, I am pretty intrigued.
Lets make  this easy, I am going to list of the good and the bad:

The Good:
  1. Graphics look good and are still playable even on severely old machines
  2. The new leveling system works mightily fine, if abuse is self-prevented
  3. The World feels kind of alive, not yet Ultima VII style, but they are on their way

Now, about the bad:

  1. AI. Maker is it dumb, several times I was able to pick them off with my bow despite standing in plain view
  2. The Interface is atrocious for a pc-game. Simply a no-no Bethesda, big minus
  3. The procedurally generated quest-system is nice in theory, but kind of pointless
  4. The fighting continues to feel hamhanded with the way the game goes about it.
  5. Magic, used correctly, is way overpowered.
  6. Leveling-scale system. Not as bad as Oblivion, but still, I do kind of hate it. I really don´t want to find daedric armour in every other bandit cave, you know.
  7. Crafting system flawed. Many of the crafting choices are too easily obtainable and make the loot acquirable pretty much pointless. Basically it goes like this: Why go questing, when my craft armor is way better?
  8. Once again, merchants are pretty much piss-poor. If you are able to have a house in Solitude (25k gold btw.), then why is your daily gold set at 500 or 750 gold. The player can´t even sell basic loot at that level.

Now, you might think that I am bascially thrashing on this game, but you should already be aware of the fact, that I am very much entranced by it. Basically, even with its flaws, it will keep on being awesome. I know it isn´t GOTY, as this role is clearly cut out for The Witcher 2, but I´ll be damned, if SKYRIM isn´t at least second best.

Oh, and names are untranslatable. I mean, come on guys, the german translation is hilarously bad.

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