So mancher Termin...

Oh well, as it may be, it happened, my very personal GAU. Well, not really, but hey, who am I kidding, I thought myself to be able to at least release some sort of writing every three or so days, yet even those little distances in time I cannot keep with myself.

So, what happened since March twenty-first? Well, I can say, that some things happened, not all quite bad, but not all as good as I´d wish them to be either. First of all, I got my first test back, however, I´ve, while having passed the test, still missed the goal of it, as my performance was quite inadequate.

Other than, we had a few social calls, a night of p&p, not quite as good as I had hoped it to be, combined with the fact that one the members of my group has told me he´d wish to leave a certain campaign. As understandable as it is in the current circumstances for him, with university giving him loads of assignments, I still find some distress within is. It makes me sad to know it, as it feels, as if it was my fault that it came ot this, and who knows, perhaps it is. I for one try not to judge.

Tomorrow the "Namenlose Tage" will begin anew in Syke, and once again I will take part of the organisational team and the very heart of guiding players to play out the game as I wish them to. Mwahaha. No, no power fantasies here, go on ;)

In a sense, I have some sort of stage fright, as I always have. As much at ease I am at, when speaking with people, interacting with them, speaking in front of big and small crowds, I seem to have lost this certain ability, the very heart of security I believe to have had in ye olde days. Alas, as I wil surely live through it, I will have to see, what comes to pass.

But enough of this, I have much else to do already, which I am not doing, yet should do. Like finishing the adventure for example.

I hope, I did not alienate most of you, with writing in a certain, other tongue. I do know that my primary readership, should I ever have one, is german.

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