Being Trolled

It´s interesting, according to several new nifty albeit ultimately useless tools BLOGGER has given me, I have now been able to watch page after page of statistics about my blog. One thing, I found very interesting is, that quite a lot of influx is from the US at position 1, then Germany and finally Poland, being followed by several asian search bots, it seems. 

Also, I have decided to push back my opinion piece about DeusEx³ a few days, have finally finished the game, seen all endings and think I´ve got enough of a grip on it for me to say something about it, but need to collect my thoughts for now.

Furthermore, I have recently been informed that in my process of raging at possible SMAC-news I have in fact taken unsubstantiated bullshit as credible ... you know... simply as something with credibility. Shame on me, we should say then. And congratulations to the good gentlemen at RPGCodex. In my rage as a fan, I have forgotten all common sense. I shall see to it, that this should not happen again.

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