Beat the Beat!

Not so important to have missed yet another self-claimed date in my calendar, when another article in this blog should have gone online, I shall now resume functionality, as far and as wide as in as much as I can help myself to do.

Did I ever tell you about Bastion?

Awesome game. If I did tell you, let me remind you of how awesome it is, by saying, that I am currently revisiting those memories from a few months back thanks to a soundtrack compilation made from it.

Also, I am still awaiting the release of the newest Batman game, wondering why we can´t get a Superman/Thor/CaptainAmerica-Game that is just as good as it seems this new one will be or the previous one was.

Also, the new Syndicate looks like it might be fun to play, but at the same time it seems the designers completely missed the point of Syndicate in their way to Shooter-Heaven.

Still haven´t given The Missing Link, the newest DX3-DLC a whirl, but then again, I could care less for it. Did however give the new Dragon Age 2-DLC a go some days ago, you know, Legacy and Mark of the Assassin. Was ok, but nothing great and sure as hell not groundbreaking or as good as many might claim. The stealth mechanics for the second were nice, the way Bioware continues to make us wait for chapter 4 of DA2 is not however. And I still have yet to preorder StarWars-TheOldRepublic, I really should get to it before it turns December 20th.  

Alas, life would be easier, if I had gotten meself one of those gambling successes I so do desire, but then again, what is life if not a journey of misdeeds, ay.

Be seeing you.

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