Night falls over town

It´s quite dark out there already. Still not at home. Fucking cold at night, weather reports tell of -1°C in some places. FUCK. It´s autumn, damnit, not winter. How do I deserve this, eh?

News still go on about the greeks. Poor people now have to pay for their governments incompetence, as will the whole eurozone for the incompetence of their own. Well, you get what you sow.

eBay still makes millions. Not sure they deserve this but who am I to judge, eh...

In Best Korea people are starting to finally get out of the damn country, starting a movement not unlike the east german one in the 1950s. Unfortunately for Kim, he already has the wall with guards and stuff. On the other hand, South Korea would not even want their neighbour to collapse, because the cost to get them up to speed would be in the hundreds of billions. And the PRoC would be furious as well, as their last puppet state would finally collapse.

I know there are other thins going on at the moment, but mostly I do not care.
For example, I´ve not even laid hands on RAGE, Hard Reset or any of the other stuff in these last fews months. Instead I am out replaying Morrowind or KOTOR2 for the coming Old-Republic Release. I am quite vexed by it. Oh, it´s going to be nice. If I can get my internet connection to cooperate with me for it, that is...

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