Alan (a)Wake

...doesn´t work. Bad joke can´t keep me up. So, I´ve tried to delve into the horror that is Alan Wake. For PC. After going trough several minutes of trying to get it to run at least a bit better on my old machine, I gave up and partied like it was 2001. You know, bad framerate and good looking games. But oh well. I like Twin Peaks. But I do not like Alan Wake. It somehow just does not gripe me. The characters seem bland and uninteresting, the surroundings mostly wooden (haha, because it´s in a forest...get it?) and the mechanics are nice but unfullfilling. And for whomevers sake, why the Third-Person-View? I´t just bugs me because I cannot get into Alan as much as I would like to because frankly, while I am not him I cannot even empathize because all his experiences are from the outside. Doesn´t really gripe me that much. Oh well, back to reviewing Postal 3.

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