Sex sells....not

These days, I am reading more and more about the questionable content and way, women are degraded by their male peers, be it on central issues or at a trade market/convention for people to oogle. Right into the same vein of discussing this goes the sentence "Sex sells". I find this both highly remarkable and incredibly stupid.

First of all, the number of people buying because a beautiful lady stands nearby are going near zero. In more educated realms, this doesn´t work at all. Science has already disproven this claim. And yet, not only does it continue, but hundreds of feminists scream out every day, as if pushed down a cliff, or as if extinguished in a single moment.(If you have noticed that I was stretching for a star wars reference, then congratulations, A Winner is You.)

Because, you know, there are no greater problems in the world, than the fact that in the first world nations women are still completely degraded. You know, first of all, real equality cannot be reached. It is impossible. We would need to eliminate the differences in gender and that would make us inhuman, for we would no longer be human then, but only then we´d have reached real equality. As it stands, women and men are different. Because, you know, it´s how we are. That does not mean, that we should not work against this, for I know many people on both sides very much qualified and without chances, but that is not really a problem that should take our focus these days. 

The slowing technological incline and the problems of humanity as a whole are not only different, but much worse. And also, I am sick of hearing it. There are women in all levels of every important part of the world. From the military, to education, the government to health. So, really, stop wasting my time and say what you really want. What you really want is not to be no longer degraded by men, because there are many females who wish to be objectified mightily, but the same paycheck that men get. And more of course. 

Because, funny enough, many of the problems of classical and neo-classical theatre and literature comes from women. You know, I am just now realising it, without his wife, MacBeth would most likely never have gotten Der Wille zur Macht.

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