And now for something completely different!

From Neverwinter Nights, a poem. 

 I hereby 
my true and all
to you.

Aribeth de Tylmarande

my heart
shall be yours
in battle
in spirit
in peace
in mind

I long
for your presence

I miss you
my beloved.

As tears 
roll down
I know
I will
to feel you
Your touch
See you dance
Hear you laugh
I miss you
my beloved

My heart
is bound
to you
in eternity

My lady.
I miss you
my beloved.

It seems strange to me, that even after all these years you can still find stuff like this on the internet. Someone must have smoked some very strange things to have made this. And still, it shows a devotion to something unfound in most modern media. Or is it? What really changed? Nothing at all, not that everything keeps being the same, but not the same as it always was. Appearances can deceive and the outside may look different. 

But it will by no means be different on the inside. So it is with most things, so it may well be with modern games. Even nowadays you can find these things like those up above for other games, like Dragon Age Origins, hell, I suppose if I were to look long enough, I might find a poem for Gears of War. And that is a, well, if not scary, then at least somewhat strange thought.

Oh, well.