What goes up..

... better doggone well stay up!
- Morgan Gravitonics
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Oh, so it may come somedays, finally I am on time again, I had the strangest of mornings today. First I got up wayyyyy toooo early, only to leave the house some minutes late already and of course missed my train. Once there, I waited for almost an hour for the next one, only to find out that I forgot my notebook and had to get off early and needed to be driven back home and get it and then once again driven to the main station and get on a train half an hour later. Exhausting. Summarizing up, it took me two and a half hour to the unversity today. Definitely not good, let me assure you of that. So, nothing new on my side of the barn, I can tell. Things stay the same as always, coming days we get some important events for our PnP-sessions, while friday I´ll have a Twilight-Struggle-Playday with a friend of mine, only to get over to the weekly vIIctoria-round saturday morning and a movie night saturday evening. Blade Runner and Cyberpunk-movies, this is going to be awesome. What isn´t going to be awesome is the fact, that some hurdles my yet be presented. And Sunday, we meet for Tabletop. In the meantime I play myself into a daze with LOTRO. Lucky me? Not sure yet, after I listened to a friend whining about it. So much for now, see ya fellas.

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