Some good, Some bad

You know, there are those days we just loathe, and then there are those, we believe to loathe, only to find them transformed into some kind of Shamballa for the eternity of the moment. I´ve just gotten word of my local games dealer, that a copy of Twilight Struggle is going to arrive for me next week.
There are things in this universe too awesome for me to find words for. Like Scott Pilgrim, the Discworld or this boardgame. Already legendary in status because of its background and replay value, it allows for a heated game of strategy during the era of the cold war between the US and the USSR. 

And already having read the manual, numerous playtroughs and seen some gaming aids and yet having been unable to aquire my own copy for over a year, this news make me all kinds of fuzzy and tingle deep down. Just wonderful.

In other news, I....hmm, strangely enough, It seems I will get quite alot of Shadowrun GMing in the next few weeks, as a few members of my weekly PnP gaming cabal seem quite fed up with it and seem to just wing it. 

On the other side the fact, that the new Lords of the Rings Online Free-2-Play starts during early september means I will have a new online game to enjoy, as it seems that Dragon Age mostly overstayed its welcome and Kane&Lynch2 have lost the multiplayer appeal by going all steam and No-hotseat-twoplayer-mode. Too bad. 

Hell, the even announced Crusader Kings 2 last night. This is surely, if anything, a time for celebration, if anything else. 

Not sure what you will do right now, I know what I´ll do, I´ll do as every good GM does and update the campaign-journal for me gaming group, those foul and lazy fellas. And of course,  good night to ye, good Sirs and Madams.

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