You may not yet have noticed, but I really liked the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. So much infact, that in the course of one single month since I´ve got them, I have read them twice. Intensely. And let me tell you, they are pure gold, I assure you of that. In a certain way, it seems strange to me, but as the final message, when everything ends, we learn within the stories pages, that everything changes. Change is the only certainty of life. Seems like a strange paradox, but it is also even more strangely understandable.

What this shows about me, is even more bizzare, as I know quite a few comics over the years, which seem to massively influenced me and the way I think about stuff. Be it TRANSMETROPOLITAN from Warren Ellis, Y - THE LAST MAN, BATMAN, EMPOWERED, KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE or DORK TOWER, SANDMAN and THE AUTHORITY, THE METABARONS and THE BOYS, not to speak of WATCHMEN or XIII. Of course there are more, uncountable, even those I believe with lesser influence or perhaps a bit more subtle, like EL MERCENARIO or CONAN, heck, even HELLBLAZER and INVINCIBLE or DIRTY PAIR. And yet, an amalgamation of so much more. And I may read far too much comics, for that matter. 

And that is not to mention all the other influences we had over the years, be it Cyberpunkt in literature (Neuromancer by Gibson), television and movie (Blade Runner by Scott, Ghost in the Shell or Standalone Complex) or in games, like computer (Deus Ex) or table (Shadowrun and Cyberpunk 2020) and many many other motives. Far too much to mention and yet, perhaps even impossible in itself, enhancing in the end only already established character/personality traits.

Whats the point of this, some may ask. And I´d answer twice. Once I´d say, that I pity those who question, for they seek something that either is without use for this reflection of an inner self or search for something for the sake of their own satisfaction. The other time, I´d say, that it is all about change. In ourselves and our outside. These past few months have seen some changes for me, and others. It may be strange to think about something like that this openly, and still. I cannot deny this.

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