So, today MafIIa got out. At the same time I consider going to Lord of the Rings Online as part of a scheme to finally change and break out from the same old WoW-playing every few months. But alas, at the same I´m still kinda smitten with Dragon Age:Origins, while NWN still stirs and yet slumbers on the harddrive and I kind of cannot get myself to really get a go on Kane&Lynch2, eventhough its been quite a few days there already. Damn.

At the same time, I really seem to get myself into quite a bind with some of me chaps and wether or not that will be resolved, has yet to be seen. Ahh well, Scott Pilgrim got camRIPPED in Russia. You know what they say, in Soviet Russia movie camRIPS you. 

Still no sign of it on german shores unfortunately. And the news don´t get any better, as I will have to sacrifice coming days to my ill cousin, attending to someone me own mother got with illness in the first place, and thus further ruining these days, as it already meant losing out on a weekend without my old folks. 

And meanwhile I´ll have to prepare my batch of university work, await results of a work gone bonkers and still feel in a state of mhm....how to describe it.....weightlessnes. Curses.

Tonight once again meeting a chaotic crew, a motley band of mischiefs only to plot for nothing and nothing on end. Let it be said, that we must be harmless thus.

Should I despise some things?

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