Almost done for the Year

Sitting in a nice and quite corner, around me the warmth and a nice chair to excel in lessons of the mind. At the same time, somewhere else, things are not going as smoothly or quite as fine as they might seem to work out for me. In Korea it seems, a drawn-out military conflict seems inevitable, wether it be this year or the next, while here in Germany on of our important political parties, the FDP, slowly start to realize that their leader is the worst possible fit you could have. At the same time...you know, I do not even care. Let them fight in Korea, let the parties do their thing, the former might be interesting to see happen as it means that unification for all of Korea might be possible finally, while the latter doesn´t really influence people´s live in any way anyway. Or so it feels for many. Not that anyone wants the liberal leftists of the FDP to influence anything in our lives. Bunch of no-do-gooders, that they are. And here I sit, doing nothing worthwhile, typing and thinking away, nothing worthwhile at the same time. It seems to me, that these days, there just isn´t anything happening that I´d have need of a scribe for it. How....quaint. Absurd might be another one to describe it.

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