The necessity of a rethought model of state in the light of modern technologies

It has been six days since I´ve last written something baseline meaningless, but last night, a thought came to me, that I wished to share. Whenever I think about the nation, I think along borders of modern political realities such as Hobbes, Locke and Machiavelli have shown us, not to mention the experience with the inter-changeability with many of the modernist governments of this new technocratic age. But every so often I feel the need, to change perspective, because it seems to me, as if we are working on a false ground, or, maybe, with other words, not so much on a false ground but with a basic premise, that in the end would betray our intentions. To create a new order, new deeds must be collected onto new tablets. Not something along the line of commandments of course, after all I am not about to create a cult but rather a model of state, if it can be called that. Something, along the lines of using what we have learned up to this day, to mirror our experiences and use them in this new social and political model of society. Alas, it will take time, and perchance I might add something every once in a while I fear that I will abandon this project before long. We´ll see.

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