Mental Movies

The mind is the sharpest weapon, we possess. And indeed, also the landscape upon which we build upon our dreams and hopes. A cinema del arte, so to speak. The dream is therefore an expression of our wants, of the images we need to express. A short while ago, I did in fact have an idea. As you might have read from Pratchett, Ideas are not always in the right mind, nor do they enter at the most opportune of all times, yet this one sparked inside me, as the sun flares. Well, not exactly as bright or as hot, bus surely it was an image worthy of praise and picture. And if only I could. Were it, that we could already visualize that, which flows inside of us. A machine therefor is needed. A tool, to enable us to truly record and see that which only the minds eye can see till now. How such a thing might look, be even realized? I do not know. And curse upon me and mine for this. For far to often such an idea by itself is useless. But imagine the possiblities. Imagine, if you will and can follow, for my steps are many and much breath is required if you run with the minds eye behind me, that such an innovation might serve different needs and purposes. Record you dreams to see what your subconscious cooks up for a solution to problems that more often than not have hampered you for days upon days. Record you fantasy for all the world or yourself only to see, to finally see a vision, a glimpse of what you are really capable of imagining. Show the inner workings of your mind, not only for science and advancement, but for medical purposes as well. Finally we would truly be able to look inside a patients brain and work from their own perspective. Just think of how many we could heal, were we finally able to realize, how few were really ill...

In the end, it remains a dream. This idea, if realized and created, for it must be possible, would throw us ahead quite some ways in our research endeavours. But before, or after the first space colonies, I dare not say. Or better, I shall and will be proven wrong in either case. How I long for a future. Anyway, to return to the initial though. I thought of something. An idea for a movie, to tell the truth, however one so unique in perspective and imagery, that I dare not believe it to be something, that can be made with current technology. Nor should it. But I will tell you the last exchange spoken within. 

"What do you see?" - "What I see? A future. Among others."

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