January - Middle of the Month

441 posts and still there is so much more to say, so much more to see, tell of, speak about. So much to listen to. But not now, now is the time for something or some very specific parts. First, let me tell you about certain expectations I have for certain things that I already know are coming in the next few months.

It looks good, I like Seth Rogen, the Cato-actor seems fitting, reminds me of Tim Kang, though perhaps not as cool, but in other ways interesting as a thing to study. Trailer looks kind of generic and  while I absolutely adored Christoph Waltz in Basterds, we will have to wait and see how it turns out here. 

Yikes, and here I thought it couldn´t get any worse. Not the worst we get this year, but it is pretty much something you can go to hell with. While the trailer does look kind of nice and I myself as a fan of the Cold-War-Era had interest in it when showing the moon landing of 1969, the moment the Aldrin or Armstrong-actor steps trough to show us the destroyed space ship, I knew this was going to be bad. And by the emperor, it will blow. Hard.

The worst we most likely get in the big ones. Huge movie production and alot of money behind it, there isn´t much I can say, I abhor as much as the Twilight-saga. I absolutely hate the characters, that which Ms.Meyer has created with the vampires, but alas, nothing Daybreakers didn´t show us break down. 
 Haven´t seen the first one, but since I want to watch them as a sort of double feature, I will have to wait. Still, I´ve heard much good about the first one and am almost sure the second will not disappoint, seeing how close they will stay to the books.

My hand gets kind of slow here. Mind too. Will continue another day.

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