Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Every so often after these nights I will look at the nightsky and watch the stars. Seldom I can find such solace, peace and beauty in the moments of daily toil, as I find in those. Wish it were so, for me to watch on and on. I am but a distant viewer of events long past. Yet I thank the stars for sending their light. The night be a dreadful time without these diamonds of the sky up there.

Unfortunately, that may not be what I came to talk about. The past few days I´ve been mulling over a certain new concept, something I call The new autocrat. It is, in fact a rather old one, yet something I feel the need to divulge on in the future, perhaps nestled within words from Machiavelli himself. After all, Il Principe still has lessons we need to learn. But those are for another time, though of course not place, now.

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