What we keep

So, where do I start? Not much has happened. If we are to look at the state of the union, we witness nothing new or even remotely exciting. Therefore, lets not do that. When I first started writing this peculiar post, I wanted to say something, had a topic on mind, but then, the mind wanders as long as we don´t have anything to think about in particularity. And my mind wanders a lot, I suppose even now it does. All I have to do is to refer to one of the posts further down the slope to show just how much the mind wanders. Dangerous. In the meantime? Well, we are soon going to start up preparations for the NamenlosenTage10, I´ve got another round of Pen&Paper this week with the boys and Shadowrun, hoping to make it better than the last one I DMed. Not to mention that this time it´s Sci-Fi, maybe I´ve got more of a handle with stuff there. Also, today was my first real day of using the tablet at the university, as my notebooks energy cable somehow died on me  sometime last saturday. And I had to find out the hard way, just how hard working with this thing can be. Not to mention, how low the battery really is. Currently thinking of replacing it. However, if I were to do that, I would do it with my real EKENM002, not this copy. Not to mention, that for the EKEN I am still awaiting my replacement screen part. Though then again, they still have about two and half a week till the get to the last line and I can complain about it. You know, Germany to China, what a distance. Oh listen to me rambling on and on. Most of this is useless drowning anyway. Wednesday new colours and friday I will have to paint a fleet of british battleships. Should go up and see how those are doing. Not to mention, that I still havent completely finished the primary preparations for that currently. And except the Empress of India, I haven´t even gotten good names for most of my ships. What to do, I wonder. Though, not really. One thing I finally have figured out for myself though, is, that I´ve become quite the sucker for romance. Must be, because it is so very much absent from my own life. Hm. Humbug. Anyway, enough about stuff, I will grace your screen again 3 days from now. Till then.

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