DeadSpace 2

So, what can I tell you, that you do not already know? It´s gory as hell, as was the first one, it is kinda fun, as was the first one, it´s hella short with only about 7h playtime if you are as focused when playing as I am and the graphic still looks good. Of course, the story is wonky as hell. Nothing to think about, really. Sound is good, as is music. Not kidding here, reeeaaaalllyyyyy good. Best parts are those where you stand in space and can hear nothing eycept your breathing. Creepy as hell. Unfortunately, though they´ve toned down the jump scares they still rely on the cheap one instead of real horror. So it becomes not so much horror as it is a fright action game. Does nothing the former game did not do too, but in doing so, does that well. Therefore it does exactly as we´d have wished as a standard. Nothing too exciting but nothing you should just shrug of either. Play it if you are in for a bit of sci-fi action and gore and like the cheap frights. If you are however as many of my friends tell me easily scared, do not play this. I mean it.


  1. Ich wollte Dich schon immer mal fragen, woher eigentlich die spontane Anglifizierung Deines Blogs kommt?

    (Nach Feierabend sind mir englische Texte meistens zu anstrengend ^^)

  2. Der ursprüngliche Gedanke war, dass ich damit eine breite Leserschaft erreichen könnte. Dazu kommt noch dass ich einfach gerne in Englisch arbeite. Vielleicht auch, um mich ein bissche abzugrenzen in dem was ich schreibe und tue. Primär aber weil meine Hoffnung war, dass ich damit mehr Leute erreichen könnte als wenn ich einfach nur auf Deutsch schreiben würde.