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Sometimes I am wondering, left wandering around in my little abode, wether the mail service even tries to do something or just puts my packages in a little grey box for a week once it has arrived or just does this to torment me. I am still waiting on some packages from the US and the UK, even after the chinese package already arrived a week ago. Even chinese mail is faster than your guys. Why is this. How can this even be? Isn´t this kind of strange?! I mean, come on, really guys...

In other news, I have recently begun working on the campaign I am planning to go through with a group of Pathfinder-interested people, but already most of my proposed balancing changes were bounced of the wall of ignorance surrounding some of them, especially with such sound arguments like "the designer wil have thought of this for a reason". 

Arguments like these, I have indeed encountered in the past and more often than not deliveered from people who have no real understanding of the framework they are working in. Especially once you try to bring up stuff like this, try to explain, you encounter a wall that blocks all attemps as people resist change in any form for their beloved system because they think it inherently negative. 

This is somewhat a sign of the times and a culturally loaded topic but one I will have to adress in the next post. For now, players often block such attempts. Worst offenders try to substantiate their arguments with in-world arguments. 

I hate that kind of people, because they do understand that players nowadays should be empowered in their influence on the game, but misunderstand the kind of influence they have, because the inner workings of the world are more often than not made by the DM, not the setting data in some book or the stubbornness of a player. Yet, the will stands, and once I again I will suffer the wrath of the ignorant ones if I try to be forceful. 

I understand the idea, that the group responsible for the game makes it more than any rule ever will, but if that is so, why the unneccessary resistance to change. It frustrates me, is what it does.

But in the end, the group wins out. Having fun is the motto of the game, not crunch crunch crunch. And fun trumps crunch everytime. For if it doesn´t, then you have become a grognard and may the fates ahve mercy on your soul if you have....

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