Proof-Of-Concept Test Success

So, a few hours back we tested the system designed for a little barebones dungeon crawl I had planned. It worked in ways I did not really imagine. 

First of all, the warrior was the one with the highest survival quota with 2 dead thiefs and 3 dead wizards, the special abilites of those classes didn´t even come to fruition but it was very fun yet because the combat was INCREDIBLY DEADLY and fast.

 But you really should look for some ways to scale the opponents. And the warriors crit strike as well as the thieves one becomes a huge HUUUUGE killer once he aquires better weapons. 

Like our warrior did. Every single level. 

Among other things, I solved the abilites problem by just saying that everything had to be rolled on the "to-hit" basis, meaning you always suceed on a 5 or 6 which kinda worked but made skills less meaningful once you reached a certain number of dice to throw. 

And not to mention, a game like this needs a surreal collection of crazy weapon names to go with the absurd combat system. 

Basically, it was fun despite being barebones and it´s a nice enough game that I would play on a convention instead of doing nothing during an evening.

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