Sherlock 3x02 - The Sign of Three

And even into the second episode of three we get for the third season of Sherlock, we are going strong. After a good opening by solving the mystery of Sherlocks death back in "Reichenbach Falls", we are now on to Watsons wedding reception and can see Sherlock stumbling through the blocks that make up the institution that is marriage, and like the high-functioning sociopath that he is, he never ceases to be himself. 

Great all-around performance, outstanding moments of humanity from Benedict Cumberbatch, who continues to play a role so full of facets like few are and so difficult to act out. Moments in which we are finally meeting the person, Sherlock could be, once he believes he "mingles", as Mycroft so deviously calls it, and yet.

"Don´t get involved."

Sign of Three continues to go strong on a sunday night I suppose, having watched it a mere hour after it having screened on the BBC public and in a rather excellent quality as well, I suppose. 

The story itself unveils a bit of Watson and his character as well as shows us the problems Holmes faces, when meeting new and strange customs which he never had to develop before, but which we can only hope, benefitting him greatly in the future.

All in all, a very good middle episode with all the things fans like about this series and if it continues in this fashion a week from now, then this might well be one of the best seasons of the winter. Excellent watch, definite recommendation.

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