Looking behind the veil

While my mind is working at an absolute speed, to delete all events of my dreamscape, I can´t stop myself from not overthinking what I actually dreamed of. Beautiful women in the hundreds, battleships, a gigantic hotel complex somewhere on an island with gigantic oceans around it, battles, murderers, monsters and humans and friends. But I should start from the beginning, if I remember as much or even enough to tell you of my adventures in the dreamscape. In my other life. 

I can piece a enough together, that I know that I am part of a multi-national organization, possibly military, naval in basis, seemingly seated with at least one office in a very rainy town, which constantly has dark clouds over it, might even be London, but more on that later. Anyway, I am member of this organization, and more even, I seem to be a high-ranking member of the department of finances, as the first thing I remember is my discussion with my boss. An old man, somewhere in his 60s, telling him with a grave face, that we´re running out of money at an dangerous rate, but he calms me, I think, though I know that this part is already mostly missing from my mind at the same time. 

Some time later, I know time has advanced, the location has changed, I am with the fleet, the boss, friends and everyone at a gigantic hotel complex somewhere on an island that lies in a gigantic ocean. I cannot find any other words to describe it. So, I am running around, looking for her, someone I seemingly have a deeper connection to, I don´t know who nor why exactly at this point, as my mind has tried its best to take these fleeting memories of events never happened from me. So, I run around in these corridors, until at last I get a glimpse of them, she is a member of the fleet and highranking at that too, also she was seemingly walking with a group of other important persons, as they enter the hotel room together. 

The next part is warped again, as I know I am suddenly runnning around between rooms, looking for someone, because I am searching for a videotape, something we need to watch, I am feeling deceitful, the time is nearing the night and it seems someone very dear to me is currently staying with me watching .... I am not sure, something, I am very perplexed by this actually, anyway, we are not alone, an old man is sitting on the bed watching with us, while she is very near to falling asleep herself. And here I am running around in the corridor, looking for a tape. Another warp occurs in my mind, I am at the now destroyed hotel complex, around me dead and wounded, on the outer sea I can see great battleships firing upon one another and blasting away great chunks from themselves. 

Our navies ships are clearly to differentiate from our enemies, who seemingly still use old clunky battleships like the american, colossi of steel, while my organization seemingly uses some sort of gravitational hover ships, not in the least bit smaller. Anyway, I am among the debris around me, looking for the wounded, not even for a moment wondering, what exactly an accountant is doing at a battlefield. Still, I run around and collect the wounded fleet members, which, as already described, are all female and beautiful, which makes this much more irksome for me, than you might imagine. Yet, I rescue them and after some time I seem to realize, that we are actually winning the battle when I see another battleship arrive, in a darker design, somewhat evil looking, which makes this only all the more bizzare, it comes right from 5´oclock at our ship line and blasts it way trough. 

Tears swell in my eyes as I am only able to save so few of our wounded here at the hotel. Which was blasted too, by the way. Strange one. So, time advances, now for the last time, I am back in the rainy town previously described as London, it´s dark as hell, only light is because of some cars driving, the streetlights narrowly doing nothing to illuminate their surroundings and perhaps some neon signs somewhere, anyway, I exit a building with two others, clearly friends to me, we talk about some nonsensical stuff and about going to work in a few minutes, at this point, all of it makes still sense. I am somewhat grieving inside of myself because of our organizations losses at the battle, but it seems we made it trough both the crisis with the money and the losses of life, yet I cannot shake some strange intuition of mine. 

As we wander trough the rain, thunder swells up and in the first light of it, I can recognize some of the female service members of our naval fleet, officers I believe them to be, anyway, I recognize them, and run over to talk to them, for whatever reason. My friends simply walk on, not minding me running away in the slightest. As I run over, and stop the officers from walking, they look at me gravestricken, not even thanking me for saving their lifes, as I try to make even smalles conversation with them, one mentions the money we got from some sort of insurance or government due to new dangers and the death of so many of our people. Suddenly, they all look quite uncomfortably at me, at I start to realize a most bizzare twist, as it seems that my boss, the leader of the organization most likely initiated the attack on our fleet himself, orchestrated the death of thousands, only to keep the organization in business. 

My eyes are uncontrollably starting to cry, I cannot keep upon myself, fall to my knees, yet the officers around me only look with some sort of mixed emotions, pity and painful remembrance. I get up, the rain wets me down to the core, and I suddenly decide, that I need to confront my boss with this, only to run around in the streets but being unable to find his office. Anywhere. At which point I awake. Huh.

Anyway, that was my big strange dream for the night, possibly born our of some sort of frustration, sleep deprivation, and overconsumation of Metal Gear Solid 3. What do you think?

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