And now for a small commercial:

Do you like highly complex solitaire strategy boardgames and have many hours or space just lying around, waiting to be filled with stuff, like games? And you are a fan of science fiction but somehow don´t only want either space combat or a rather strange 4x experience in one of the many sci-fi turn-based strategy games for windows? Then watch me play Rise and Decline of a Galactic Imperium on my Youtube channel with varying degrees of success and struggle with rules and sometimes unfinished VASSAL moduls, with more game coming in the future*

*may or may not happen, depends completely on my mood once I finished the first 60 rounds in this game.

Edit: I´ve since as of today (14.8.15) stopped recording, as it was really at a snails pace and because I will fix the audio recording quality and the rules up a bit until I restart this, for there are a ton of things coming if we talk about changes and the impact the game in ways that I cannot even begin to describe right now. But it means that it´be kinda pointless to continue the game in the current state just for the sake of it.

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